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Welcome to the PDS Web Client

This website gives the ability to check on your cases that are currently in progress, or cases done in the past. All reports are presented in a PDF.

If you wish to visit our main website click here or on the footer of the page at anytime.

The Benefits

The PDS Client Website allows instant access to your case results via the Web. You can view a list of the most recent cases, or you can do a search for specific cases based on case number, owner name, clinic number, or date range.

All results can be viewed from any device with Internet access (i.e. Smartphone, Tablet, Computer, etc.) and will give a similar look and feel.

If this is not working for a particular device please let us know.

How to sign up for access to the Site

If you are currently a PDS client then please ensure you contact PDS at (306) 966-7316 and supply us with the email addresses that you would like to use for your account. If your email has changed from what we had on file when your account was created then you may need to call and verify your account details. Once verified, we can let you know your user name and password.


Contact us at (306) 966-7316.

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